3:30 pm - 09/14/2018

IU to star in four short films


K-pop singer IU will star in four short films, teaming with acclaimed Korean filmmakers.

Mystic Entertainment will produce the movies, each with a different theme and concept and with IU in the lead. "It is a fresh attempt and challenge," said a Mystic Entertainment spokesman. "It will be interesting to see how four filmmakers make distinctions with one protagonist."

It will be the singer's first film appearance since her debut in 2008.

The directors will be Yim Pil-sung, Lee Kyoung-mi, Kim Jong-kwan and Jeon Go-woon.

Yim is well known for "Scarlet Innocence," in 2014 and "Antarctic Journal" in 2005. Lee has flagship works such as "The Truth Beneath" in 2015 and "Crush and Blush" in 2008. Kim's films include "The Table" in 2016 and "Worst Woman" in 2016. Jeon rose to fame with "Microhabitat" in 2017.

source: The Korea Times
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