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Dreamcatcher - What [MV] + Alone In The City [audio]

What MV

Alone in the city [audio]

source: Happyface entertainment, K-BERSERK.
jesymphony 20th-Sep-2018 01:16 pm (UTC)

So anybody have a theory regarding how this MV's storyline fits into the overall arc? This is mine, but I'd love to hear what other In Somnias think:

I reckon Yoohyeon is a vengeful spirit/immortal, that's been tainted because of the Spider's Curse and how she was the one that brought it down on all of the girls in Fly High, or Yoohyeon has been possessed by the Spider itself. She's the only one shown with a bedroom while the other girls are stuck in different places within that motel/building. The other girls have been reincarnated into the modern day without any memories of their previous witchy selves and are stuck in a loop/trapped in the nightmare that's all being anchored by Yoohyeon in that bedroom. JiU is the only one not trapped in the building because she's the only one shown waking up in the MV and doing so outside of the building (also telegraphed because in Fly High, she was the last to be taken in by the Spider's Curse and very almost escaped). I think the umbrella imagery JiU has in the bridge section could also show the passage of time, and how she wakes up at the start of the MV and at the very end? So maybe all the girls have been reincarnating and looping for decades all because Yoohyeon's spirit /the Spider possessing her hasn't been put to rest properly.

I think future MVs will have JiU attempting to rescue the other girls from the loop, and perhaps culminating in a final story where the girls will bring peace to Yoohyeon's/the Spider's spirit and finally all of them are freed from the cycle and can finally be at peace. I love love love that scene where JiU looks up and dark!Yoohyeon is standing on the roof of the building where all the other girls are trapped with that look like "Bring it on." And I do think Yoohyeon's true spirit will ultimately be saved, because all the imagery in this MV is of her being trapped in that bedroom which becomes that blood soaked horror scene, while her dark self roams the roof.

The only thing that sticks out to me is Siyeon, because she has her solo scenes outside during a snowfall, but I think that's also her with solo scenes at the door. So maybe her good spirit is very close to reincarnating though her dark self is trying to exert control and is actively keeping the gates closed and the girls trapped within the looping nightmare they can't escape from.
benihime99 20th-Sep-2018 01:21 pm (UTC)
Wasn't Yoohyeon exorcised in You & I? Or did they fail.
I think Yoohyeon spirit is trapped as well
jesymphony 20th-Sep-2018 02:31 pm (UTC)
I think ultimately the exorcism failed in You And I because Yoohyeon never reached the crystal/portal door in the end. So it would make sense that in What she's still stuck in whatever world the girls couldn't get her out from.
benihime99 20th-Sep-2018 02:35 pm (UTC)
I feel like the girl in the room is her possessed body but the girl on the roof (who then wakes up ) is her real self (spirit)?
jesymphony 20th-Sep-2018 02:37 pm (UTC)
Oh wow that's a really interesting interpretation and I'm here for it, especially since the girl on the roof version of Yoohyeon looks so antagonistic toward JiU. Like what kinda grudge does Yoohyeon's original spirit hold, especially if she retains all her memories from the Fly High MV.
belintuchiha 20th-Sep-2018 03:34 pm (UTC)
In the showcase, the girls explained they each represent a "problem" which is why their concept is stress. Like Gahyeon represents stress- thus her messy hair and Yoohyeon represents sleep paralysis, etc.
dior_chic 20th-Sep-2018 04:26 pm (UTC)
Oh that’s so cool!
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