12:27 pm - 09/20/2018

Dreamcatcher - What [MV] + Alone In The City [audio]

What MV

Alone in the city [audio]

source: Happyface entertainment, K-BERSERK.
jesymphony 20th-Sep-2018 02:36 pm (UTC)
For real though, KPop doesn't have a vocalist like Siyeon, at least not a female one. The only similar vocalist with this rock and roll potential I can think of are like Hongki from FT Island (before he ruined his high register), maybe some of the boys from Day6. But girl group wise, it'd take a very brave female vocalist to try and cover Siyeon's singing. Even in prior Dreamcatcher songs, Siyeon does amazing things, but she's SLAYING in this song.

You have such amazing taste tho?? Because JiU and Yoohyeon are my No1 and No2 biases respectively?? JiU is such charisma goals, she stares into a camera and just rocks my world and Yoohyeon can step on me legit. It's a damn slippery slope from there cause the rest of the girls are so stannable.
volume1995 20th-Sep-2018 02:49 pm (UTC)
Yeah Siyeon is solely slaying the rock-dol category, the only one who can actually would come near is 4minute's jiyoon cause she had that husky voice whenever she'd belt

Thanks bb!! So do you!! This group is no joke when it comes to charisma and unity, something a lot of groups can learn from
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