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Former U-Kiss member Dongho to divorce from wife after 3 years, his father gives interview

Former U-KISS member Dongho confirmed his divorce following reports.

Dongho married his non-celebrity wife in 2015 and announced the birth of their son the following year.

The former actor-singer wrote about his divorce in a post on his Facebook page. His post can be read below:


“I apologize for making many people worry because of the reports today.

“I wanted to pass this quietly for the sake of my son and his mother, but reports came out.

“This isn’t something I’m going to talk about at length, but we decided to get a divorce due to personality differences. We have completed all the paperwork for a divorce by mutual agreement.

“This was a decision made after a lot of discussions and worrying. Since I did not separate from my child’s mother due to a bad relationship, we will take responsibility as our child’s parents until the very end despite ending our relationship as a married couple.

“Lastly, I am a person who has already been exposed to mass communication, but I would like to make an earnest request to everyone for this to not become an even greater wound for my son as he grows up.

“Thank you.”

On September 20, Dongho’s father Shin Sung Chul, who previously established Photo Music and Music Life magazine, stated through an interview, “All of the procedures for the divorce have already been completed. It hasn’t been long [since].”

His father continued, “It became like this due to differences in personality and because they’re not a good match together. I don’t like it, but what can I do… It’s unfortunate, but later in life, I think there will be good opportunities (reconciling, etc).”

In regards to Dongho’s son, his father stated, “Because they have a child, they didn’t split on bad terms. A while ago, they even brought their son along because we wanted to see him. When it comes to rearing children, a parent must take full responsibility. Because we thought it would be better if the mother took care of the child, we decided on that.

After jumping back and forth between Korea and Japan following his marriage, Dongho is currently staying in Japan. He is juggling both his DJ career and other business ventures. In response to the possibility of his son’s return to the entertainment industry, he stated, “He doesn’t have any plans [of doing so], as far as I’m aware. He wants to live freely while working as a DJ.”

sources: soompi 1, 2, naver 1, 2
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