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YGE sub-label The Black Label confirms signing Jeon Somi, gives more details about her debut

Following reports of Jeon Somi signing with The Black Label, the agency confirmed the news today.

A source from The Black Label said, “We have signed an exclusive contract with Jeon Somi who has proven her talents as an artist and has infinite potential. Through diverse trials and activities we will wholeheartedly support her to become a world class artist.”

It was also reported that it is highly likely that Jeon Somi will debut as a solo artist rather than as a member of a girl group in order for her to debut quickly.

Jeon Somi first appeared in JYP Entertainment’s reality show “SIXTEEN” and became more well known after getting first place on Mnet’s “Produce 101.” She debuted as a member of project group I.O.I and has been in various variety shows.

The Black Label is a subsidiary label of YG Entertainment and is headed by YG producer Teddy. Zion.T is also signed under The Black Label.

Source: Naver (via Soompi)
Tags: somi, yg entertainment
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