9:17 pm - 09/24/2018

BTS speaks at the 73rd @UN General Assembly in NYC

source: GMA
chikage_chan 25th-Sep-2018 03:48 am (UTC)
As a fan, I want to be completely positive about this. But since I’m also a researcher, I’ll have to be critically positive lol
I appreciate the words, and I’m sure they will reach a lot of people that need this comfort, as we already saw happening in this post. However, I want the boys and the company to do more than that, if they want to embrace what they are saying.

It’s great that you say that people can learn with their mistakes and become better, but you also need to acknowledge and apologize for your wrongs before you can grow, not delete all the evidence, stop mentioning it and swipe it under the rug.
Plus, as it has already been discussed in this post and in the others about the Akimoto debacle, let’s not be selective about which douchebag are we going to work with, okay? If you choose to not work with people just because it will affect your sales or your popularity in your home country, not because of their actual wrongdoings, it kinda kills the whole idea.
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