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Fantagio to take legal action against Kang Ha Na for signing with another agency

Fantagio is in the process of taking legal action against Kang Han Na.

On September 27, Fantagio stated, “The current exclusive contract between Fantagio and Kang Han Na is valid. We are currently in a situation where we are initiating legal procedures [against her].”

Earlier in the day, Kang Han Na had announced that she would enter into a contract with entertainment agency STARDIUM.

Kang Han Na and Fantagio have been in conflict since March, when she submitted a notice in order to terminate her exclusive contract with the agency. In response, Fantagio stated they would take legal actions against her for breach of contract.

Kang Han Na recently starred in tvN’s “Familiar Wife,” which concluded this month.

Source: Naver (via Soompi), Image via Soompi
Tags: actor/actress, fantagio
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