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Previews for "Bad Papa"

Jang Hyuk will be starring in the upcoming drama "Bad Papa" as Yoo Ji Chul, a boxing champion and national hero who falls from grace and is forced to retire after an unexpected defeat. Yoo Ji Chul loses everything—his prestige, money, and family—in a single morning, and he eventually ends up deciding to become a bad person in order to be a good father.

The drama will tell the story Yoo Ji Chul and his wife Choi Sun Joo (played by Son Yeo Eun), an aspiring writer who had to give up on her dreams after getting married. She works hard to overcome the hardships of life. Their daughter Yoo Young Sun (played by Shin Eun Soo) threw away her dream of becoming a ballerina.

Kim Jae Kyung plays Cha Ji Woo, a police detective who supports Jang Hyuk’s character even when no one else will. As befitting her job, Cha Ji Woo is a tough, charismatic character who embraces her maverick side and is 100 percent serious about her job.

"Bad Papa" premieres Monday, October 1 on MBC.

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