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BTS BON VOYAGE S3: Ep 3 "A night in Valletta with full of friendship"

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dbsked 2nd-Oct-2018 04:48 pm (UTC)
I think I enjoy this BV way more than previous ones.
They all are so cute ^__^
rainstormraider 2nd-Oct-2018 05:11 pm (UTC)
Lol @ Suga drinking with Jungkook and then ditching his ass.

Jin and J-Hope are such supportive older brothers. It’s sweet af. And J-Hope getting embarrassed by Jin’s outfit while he himself is dressed like that. I can’t even.

Jimin is a loyal friend.

Suga and JK correctly predicting what the others are up to. Damn they have good chemistry.
rainstormraider 2nd-Oct-2018 10:43 pm (UTC)
Also the chemistry between Suga and Jin is off the charts they are honestly hands down the most entertaining.
And the curse of losing stuff on BV continues.

Missing the cannons situation was hilarious af.
dirrtypony 2nd-Oct-2018 05:55 pm (UTC)
Jimin is the cutest thing in the world. I mean they are all so damn precious with each other lets be real.

Loved Sugar teaching JK about whiskey.

This is defly my fav season of BV. I hope it continues to be on the chiller side where they just getto wonder around and eat and drink whatever they want.

lydzi 2nd-Oct-2018 06:18 pm (UTC)
Suga teaching younglings about whiskey is a mood tbh :D I died at the face of Jungkook all *o*
lydzi 2nd-Oct-2018 06:16 pm (UTC)
My love for them knows no bound and it's been what? ten days. I can't with myself omg.

Thanks for the links ♥

Suga with Jin fishing had me in tears. I miss Taeyang, come back quickly! The beers were gigantic, that was fun (also Jimin did really drank all? I'm sure the staff helped, there's no way he drank it all so quickly :D)
meggicchi 2nd-Oct-2018 11:02 pm (UTC)
My love for them knows no bound and it's been what? ten days. I can't with myself omg.

welcome to the hellhole uwu

(and you'll learn that jimin is a heavy drinker, actually had serious issues with it in the past :/)
mallmouse 2nd-Oct-2018 08:00 pm (UTC)
Yes, at night Malta may be cool, but during the day wearing black long-sleeve shirts and leggings UNDERNEATH THE SUMMER CLOTHES YOU'VE ACTUALLY BROUGHT wtf Yoongi, I'm always cold but I'd die in all that heat. Don't they care about sweating and smelling so bad? Is it because they're used to it because of all the dancing?

Sugacookie. I'm not a shipper at all (in fact it kinda freaks me out), but I do see why people say it could be real. And didn't Suga write 'I love you' to JK in that long text, and didn't Jungkook write 'I want you' in that birthday video? The 'Is this the bitter taste of life' was A+

Looking at them drink all that beer and whisky and stuff is actually really good. We're so used to seeing them do cute stuff, it's easy to sometimes forget that, yes, they're men, and they're into that kind of stuff (milkshake and Nutella too, but who isn't)
laranal 3rd-Oct-2018 02:16 am (UTC)
dont koreans/east asians not smell bad though bc they lack the body odor gene? thats prob why they dont care lol though sweating is still uncomfortable
meggicchi 2nd-Oct-2018 10:57 pm (UTC)
This season is so much better than the Hawaii one, I don't know yet if it will be better than the first season though but it might be.

Jungkook's singing gave me sooo much feels? Like, 'summer end night' kind of vibe, the well lit city at night, and the hum of ppl chattering while you can hear music playing in bars and the fireworks in the distance? I miss this.
Anyway, Jungkook was so cute when he kept listening to ppl singing and it was so lovely when he gave money to the woman singing. Jungkook seems to genuinely love singing and music, kind of... in a pure way? for lack of better words lol. And Hoseok and Seokjin reactions to the whole busking thing were adorable, they were really comforting, like real big brothers or parents. Helping him choose a song and reassuring the perfectionist Jungkook :( aw. The whole sequence made me reallyyy soft.
Can't wait to see the retrouvaille with Taehyung next week! finally!
mallmouse 3rd-Oct-2018 03:59 am (UTC)
Haven't watched the first season, should i then?
chimpansee 2nd-Oct-2018 10:58 pm (UTC)
Does anybody happen to know if they were bothered by their fans while filming this? I don't remember seeing shit about this on my Tumblr, but those girls screaming after Jungkook sang definitely seemed like fans lol. I mean as long as nobody was stalking them I suppose that's an improvement.

RM and Jimin were so cute together, my little sentimental boys. Can't wait for #1 sentimental boy Taehyung to show up. Also I couldn't @ Hoseok admitting he felt slightly embarrassed because of Jin lmaoooo because honestly if Jin was my friend... same. But then I am Jin when I get drunk, I guess.

Jungkook was so cute singing though. It's adorable how enthusiastic he's about it and how he felt a bit disappointed because he thought he didn't do well aww.
meggicchi 2nd-Oct-2018 11:06 pm (UTC)
They were... I don't think they were chased or directly approached but I know there was a GC on twitter with about 90 (?) ARMYs from Malta who stalked the boys for a few days, I'm not sure anything noteworthy happened though.
laranal 3rd-Oct-2018 02:31 am (UTC)
i havent been able to fully watch yet but jungkooks sour face when he drinks the whiskey lolol

edit: OK watched it all that was hilarious

i have never related more to Jin than when he saw the Samoyed and went 'oooOOOO samoyed samoyed. can i touch him?'

jungkook walking the streets alone and getting so hyped by the music and wanting to sing.. so pure

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rockerista03 3rd-Oct-2018 05:22 am (UTC)
94-line just switched souls with each other, I'm cackling. Namjoon's luck in this BV season is off the roof, at least from what we've seen in the episodes so far. I hope I didn't jinx his luck yikes but it's funny to see Hobi suddenly being the one to lose things instead of Namjoon. Also, their chemistry with each other is pretty great, I'm surprised they haven't partnered up more.

Jin and Yoongi still have the best chemistry tho, with all the fake fishing and all-around hilarity with their matching "I ♥ Malta" shirts. lmao they must have looked so pitiful for the grandpa to help them out in their fake fishing, I can't stop laughing.

Jimin is so adorable and sweet, especially when it comes to Taehyung. And I sometimes forget how hard Jimin can go until I see how much he can drink because honestly same. Jungkook really enjoys singing. Not that the others (or even other idols) don't, but he looks like he genuinely enjoys it, especially with the way he paid attention to the buskers and then asked if he could busk as well.

Also, Yoongi teaching Jungkook about whiskey is a look. I love Irish Bombs lmao. And Hoseok being embarrassed by Jin and what he's wearing is such a mood but he can't say anything with what he's wearing pls lmao they're both as bad as each other. I'm excited when they finally reunite with Taehyung!
lydzi 3rd-Oct-2018 08:38 am (UTC)
I adored NamJoon and Jhope, they were so funny together ♥

I missed so much Taehyung. I can't wait for the next episode :3
mandm13 3rd-Oct-2018 06:09 pm (UTC)
I think one of the reasons that I like this season better than the Hawaii one is because they are not playing games all the time to decide the pairs and whatnot (at least not on camera). I mean, the games are fun, but it's refreshing to just watch them having a good time on a trip.

RM and J-Hope going shopping to Bershka made me laugh more than it should, it's weird seeing them pay in my currency and shop in familiar stores! But I hope they stop losing/leaving stuff behind, it's starting to get on my nerves lol
jade_808 3rd-Oct-2018 09:12 pm (UTC)
This was such a good episode. LMAO I can't stop laughing at J-Hope being embarrassed by Jin's clothes. I was crying loool haha.
dropthecrates 3rd-Oct-2018 11:47 pm (UTC)
i'm still in shock re suga downing a drink that is like 80% guinness in one go. stan legends
rockerista03 4th-Oct-2018 11:31 am (UTC)
lmao right my mind was reeling. I honestly wanna go drink with them, or Yoongi, Jimin and Namjoon at least.
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