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Katie Kim x Spotify - 'Beautiful Surprise' & 'Remember' [Busking in NYC]

Katie Kim Becomes First Korean Artist to Participate in “Spotify Singles” Playlist

On October 4, Spotify released their exslucive “Spotify Singles” playlist on their platform, in which a Korean female soloist Katie Kim had participated. This is the first time the playlist ever featured a Korean artist, and Katie proudly places her name in the list of participants.

Spotify invites artists from across the globe to participate in the “Spotify Singles” playlist. Once invited, the singers get to record their tracks in the Spotify’s privately-owned studio, in collaboration of engineers who work exclusively for Spotify.

Moreover, the playlist is known for its impressive lineup of featured singers, which includes Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Miguel, and John Legend. In midst of this legendary lineup of artists, Katie Kim also places her name by recording two tracks for the newest playlist.

Katie went to the Spotify recording studio in New York in July to record two tracks for the playlist. First, she recorded a live band version of her debut song “Remember,” which was released in June. For the second track, the singer recorded a cover “Beautiful Surprise” originally sung by an American R&B artist, India.Arie.

Furthermore, AXIS Entertainment also uploaded teaser videos for the two tracks through the official SNS accounts of Katie. In the “Beautiful Surprise” lyrics video, you can find her singing in a place filled with flowers that accompany her soothing voice. On the other hand, the teaser video of “Remember” features Katie live busking at a subway station in New York, where many pedestrians had stopped to enjoy her beautiful and sentimental voice.

Meanwhile, Katie Kim is currently promoting herself as an international artist abroad. Her tracks in the “Spotify Singles” playlist are available through Spotify streaming service.

Translated by Dasol Kim

source: byts, kpoplove, koreadaily, axis 1, 2, axis@yt
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