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JBJ95 reveals date for official debut as permanent duo

On October 4, Star Road Entertainment revealed, “It is true that JBJ95 will be debuting in the last week of [October]. Both members are working hard to showcase a good image.”

According to the duo, the name JBJ95 was chosen from ideas submitted by fans, and they explained that “JBJ” shows that they haven’t forgotten their roots or lost their original intentions, while “95” is because they were both born in 1995.

Kenta and Kim Sang Gyun previously gained popularity through Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” and, following the show’s conclusion, promoted with temporary project group JBJ.

JBJ95 are currently wrapping up their work ahead of their debut. They previously launched their official social media accounts.

Source: News Pim via Soompi
Tags: debut, produce 101 alumni

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