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Solo Yuri Roundup: Lil' Touch was originally for her, members show support on Insta

On October 4, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri held a showcase in Seoul for her solo mini album “The First Scene” and talked about making her debut as a solo artist, along with the support she received from her members.

During the event, Yuri introduced herself by saying, “It’s been 12 years since my debut, but I am rookie solo singer Yuri.” When asked about her somewhat late solo debut, she replied, “I was able to release my solo work 11 years into my debut, and it was something I thought about since I was a trainee. I think that similarly to flowers, everyone has their own timing. I think this moment is that right timing for me. Before that, because I was acting and doing other things I liked, carrying things out simultaneously would’ve been hard with my schedule.” She then expressed that she felt it was the optimal time for her to make her solo debut.

She later talked about the tracks in her mini album. In regards to “Butterfly,” she remarked, “It’s a bossa nova track that’s similar to Girls’ Generation’s songs. When I first heard the song, I wondered if I could [perform] it well, but I thought about the experiences I’ve had with the Girls’ Generation members. The lyrics are incredibly pretty and it’s a lovely track, so I tried to imagine [those experiences] while singing it. It’s a song that’s like spring.”

She then brought up the choreography to her title track “Into You,” saying, “I tried to bring out my feminine side by using my hips and hands so [people] can fall for my charms. Girls’ Generation has done a lot of concepts, so I can’t say it’s similar to one thing exactly, but I’m trying to bring out a deeper color.

When asked about the reactions of the other Girls’ Generation members, Yuri responded, “[They] supported me a lot in our group chat. After seeing the teaser images, they said it really matched me and cheered me on, telling me that I looked pretty. They also joked around by telling me to be good to the solo artist seniors [within Girls’ Generation]. Because we’re so close, rather than [them giving me] advice, I felt like they were just waiting, curious about my music, and having interest and believing in my music.” She continued, “I’d like if they’d help promote [my music] on their social medias.”

Things that happened at the showcase:

- Said that "C’est la vie" is spanish (It's french)
- Revealed that "Lil' Touch" was the other finalist for her title track, but was later given to Oh!-GG because it was faster and suited the group better than a solo
- She and Hyo were planning to put a duet song on the album but it eventually fell through because of various reasons
- Danced to "Lil' Touch"

SNSD members supporting Yuri on Instagram


@sooyoungchoi My friend Foolish Yul (a.k.a Kwon Yuri)'s first solo album is releasing today. The song is really good. The MV is magnificent and grand. My friend.. It's her first showcase so she says she's nervous like a dummy but let's all watch how much she gets wrong. First solo album 12 years after debut #WhyAmI #TearingUp #MyLove #Congratulations #CheeringOnYourBeginning #SinceItsASoloStandWhereverYouWant #TheFirstScene #YURI #IntoYou #YouAndITogether #SingleAndMVAt6PM

@watasiwahyo #IntoYou This rascal has a peculiar charm I think I'm falling into it 👀

@tiffanyyoungofficial I waited without sleeping so I could watch your music video.. 😍 I love you, exactly with this feeling (lyrics from "Into the New World")

@taeyeon_ss What is this dance? Addictive 🔥

What do Netizens think about Yuri's song? They like it!

Article: "Fall for me this fall" Yuri achieves solo debut after 11 years
Source: MK Sports via Naver

1. [+602, -72] I'm not lying, the song's super good. It's a trendy melody.

2. [+233, -23] The song's so addictive, I'm really "into it"

3. [+163, -20] Yuri-ya, let's hit daebak

4. [+98, -11] I like the song. I have a feeling I'll have this on repeat every day for a while.

5. [+77, -10] The melody and hook are great, but the music video is even better

6. [+29, -5] I personally think the timing of this is wrong. There was a time when even Lee Hyori named her a sexy queen to continue her name but she went into acting as her personal promo and now she's doing a rushed solo when Soshi is past their peak... Her solo should've been out around the time Taetiseo was promoting. Any time before would've been better than now.

7. [+23, -3] "Into" Yuri

8. [+23, -6] She's perfect from her face, vocal, dance, body, personality... I love you, unni.. I want to be born as you in my next life..

9. [+18, -1] Can they please dress her better? Why do they dress in such tacky and outdated clothes? She'd look better in just jeans and a t-shirt

10. [+15, -2] I like the feel of the song

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she will perform both "into you" and "illusion" on music core this week! 👏🏻
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