3:32 pm - 10/04/2018

NS Yoon-G to officially debut as an actress

On October 4, it was reported that singer NS Yoon-G has confirmed to appear in the upcoming SBS drama “Dignity of an Empress” (literal translation). By joining this drama, NS Yoon-G will begin her official activities as an actress under her real name, Kim Yoon-Ji.

The upcoming drama “Dignity of an Empress” will also star Jang Na-Ra. It is set in an alternate reality, where South Korea is still under the constitutional monarchy. A musical actress named Oh Sunny (Jang Na-Ra) becomes an overnight Cinderella when she marries into the imperial family. However, she manages to fight against those in power in order to find her true love.

In the drama, Kim Yoon-Ji will take on the role of Hyun-Joo. Even though she is a junior colleague of Oh Sunny, she looks down on her senior because of the noticeable difference in their popularities. However, once Oh Sunny starts to gain recognition from the public as she marries into the loyal family, Hyun-Joo becomes jealous and starts plotting against her.

Meanwhile, Kim Yoon-Ji first debuted as a singer under the name NS Yoon-G. Afterwards, she received much praise from the public for her extraordinary talent and positive attitude. She signed an exclusive contract with VAST Entertainment last year and officially announced her wish to debut as an actress. Since then, she has been appearing in various independent films to start building up her career.

And Jang Nara to star? I'm sold!

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily
goshipgurl 4th-Oct-2018 11:09 pm (UTC)
she already announced plans of changing her name last year so i dont know why they announced it again... probably because people only know her by her old name

4minutesluts 5th-Oct-2018 03:25 am (UTC)
i always thought she deserved more success than she got, hopefully she'll get it as an actress
keytfelt 5th-Oct-2018 08:03 am (UTC)
Nice! The stuff I've read about the drama makes it sound interesting and I like the cast (Jang Nara, Shin Sung Rok, Choi Jin Hyuk). I hope she does well!
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