waves_of_light (waves_of_light) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

The Return of Superman Ep 243

This is the episiode that aired on 2018.09.23. Sian and his sisters go climbing and then he has an encounter with an alien. William and Ben tour their neighborhood and then get pedicures. Then Ben chows down...on everything lol. Naeun and her family go to visit the grandparents in the country. On the way we get a "What's in my bag" video lol. Siha's mom goes back to work for the first time after giving birth. Taegyu is so thoughtful and supportive! I totally cried when he said "I was worried that her light may fade unintentionally because of me and our life. I want to protect her shining self no matter what." Please have more babies because Siha has such a sweet and gentle soul.

source: KBS World TV
Tags: return of superman

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