11:09 pm - 10/04/2018

BTS BON VOYAGE S3: EP 3 Behind Cam

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rockerista03 5th-Oct-2018 05:18 am (UTC)
Seeing Jimin and JK down those slushies and buying for the staff has me craving for slushies.

Yoongi is a constant mood lmao he just went laid down on sofa while Namjoon was working out bye. I was losing it when Hobi was steadily losing his will to go out after seeing Jin's outfit. Also I have just noticed that Jungkook and Jin were slurring their words after JK's busking event lol nice.

These boys continue to deliver. Can't wait for Taehyung to join them next week. The boys definitely missed him ♥
jyusou 5th-Oct-2018 08:02 am (UTC)
Hobi...Hobi why are you embarrassed by Jin’s outfit...look at yourself....
lydzi 5th-Oct-2018 10:24 am (UTC)
I died with Yoongi with Namjoon. I would have done the same XD Jungkook is adorable. JHOPE IS KILLING ME. I'm loving him more and more tbh. The fact that Jin's look was Suga and Jimin's makes me laugh so hard.
rainstormraider 5th-Oct-2018 01:29 pm (UTC)
That little baby! He danced while Jungkook sang too! Honestly the cutest moment ever on BV!

J-Hope’s life flashing before his eyes as RM delivered the verdict on the toothpaste, JK and Suga predicting how the other duos would be interacting, Suga being the mastermind behind Jin’s outfit and getting him dressed up, everyone but J-Hope enjoying Jin’s outfit. All hilarious.

katheli 6th-Oct-2018 07:45 am (UTC)
I was cackling at the difference in Jin & Hobi's outfits vs JK & Suga's.
they've got such different personalities and interests and yet get along so well. It's great.

I miss Taehyung.
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