11:52 pm - 10/04/2018


On September 22, YG Entertainment and YGX, its subsidiary company, announced their new dance academy, X Academy, which will be opening in October near Hongik University in Seoul. Trainers will include vocal trainers and YG-affiliated dancers like the dance teams HITECH and CRAZY. Classes will be available for all skill levels. Students of X Academy will have exclusive audition opportunities to become a member of a YG-affiliated dance team, or indeed a trainee under YG, YGX or The Black Label.

Three teaser dance clips have since been released, featuring Lee Seunghoon of Winner, DK of Ikon, and Lisa of Blackpink.

Sources: X ACADEMY 1 2 3 | koreaboo | @X_ACADEMY_KR | naver via soompi | ygx.co.kr
mortkero 5th-Oct-2018 10:25 pm (UTC)
The exclusive audition opportunities bit makes me suspect it's intended to fleece young hopefuls, getting them to pay for the dangled chance of being a part of YG
angela_derp_otp 6th-Oct-2018 01:04 am (UTC)
Why is YGE so shady in everything they do?
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