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Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend says he didn't intend revenge porn, wants a settlement

Koo Hara has recently accused her ex-boyfriend of threatening her with a sex tape, which has led to numerous netizens to support Blue House petitions asking for stricter punishment on such instances of “revenge porn”.

Her ex-boyfriend has since spoken out, stating that although the existence of the video is true, he did not take the lead in filming it nor did he reveal it to the public.

“It is true that the video exists. But Koo Hara was the one who led the filming of the video and I did not release the video after it was filmed. I hope that people would not see it as revenge porn.” ㅡ Koo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend

According to the ex-boyfriend’s attorney, Koo Hara had wanted to film the video in order to “treasure a loving memory” and this can be proved as she can be seen adjusting the phone camera when it falls over in the video.

“It is true that the video exists. In terms of how the video came to be filmed, it was Koo Hara who wanted to film the video first and over 80% of the video was led and filmed by her. When my client asked, ‘Why are we fiming this?’, Koo Hara replied, ‘I want to treasure a loving memory.’ While filming, when the phone camera fell down, Koo Hara set it back up. The fact that Koo Hara led the filming of the video can easily be confirmed through the video.” ㅡ Ex-Boyfriend’s Attorney

The attorney continued to explain that his client did not mean to use the video as a means of negotiation and did not have any intention of releasing it or utilizing it in any negative way.

“If his goal was to leak or exploit the video, wouldn’t he already have done so? He also never tried to use it as a means of negotiation. When talking to the other party, he did not even mention the existence of the video.” ㅡ Ex-Boyfriend’s Attorney

Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend delivered his side of the story through his attorney (pic of his injuries):

“He (Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend) didn’t reveal the reason for their fight in detail because he didn’t want to disclose personal information. They fought because of Koo Hara’s lies and issues with men. When my client stated that he was leaving Koo Hara because of her lies, she started the fight by grabbing him and saying, ‘Who are you to leave me?’ We still stand by our statement that the assault was one-sided. Koo Hara’s bruises were most likely born when my client held her hand trying to stop her from attacking and as she fell and toppled when she tackled him. He did not hit her.” ㅡ Ex-Boyfriend’s Attorney

He also mentioned the doctor’s note Koo Hara received from the gynecologist’s after the incident, which stated she had uterine and vaginal bleeding (as a result of the fight).

“We believe [Koo Hara] has claimed to receive a doctor’s note from the gynecologist’s due to the assault but this is entirely untrue. She had these problems since long ago and my client has text messages that refer to this issue. We have not mentioned such details to the public. We plan to use this information as evidence.” ㅡ Ex-Boyfriend’s Attorney

Moreover, the ex-boyfriend expressed his frustrations at being accused of as a heinous criminal and revealed that his mother became ill as a result of shock when hearing about the “revenge porn”.

“My client’s mother has become ill due to shock after hearing about the ‘revenge porn’ issue. He has been holding back in consideration for the other party but he is now being accused of as a heinous criminal. If this is the case, we believe we must take active measures in terms of the media as well. Because he is a non-celebrity, he has worn a mask when attending the police station but many have criticized him for hiding. He states that he intends to remove his mask and step up with confidence.” ㅡ Ex-Boyfriend’s Attorney

In conclusion, Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend revealed that despite his lawsuit against Koo Hara for defamation of character, all he wants is reconciliation and for the truth to be told. He added that he only wishes to regain his impaired reputation, but that he’s being driven to the wall and if this continues, he will have no choice but to fight back.

“We are still willing to negotiate. We didn’t plan to go this far. But the other party has revealed the doctor’s note from the gynecologist’s and the video. We have no choice but to be investigated by the police and we will comply with the investigations diligently.” ㅡ Ex-Boyfriend’s Attorney

Source: newsis via koreaboo

He's also been fired from his job and caught liking a hate comment on Hara.
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