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BTS to receive Order of Cultural Merit from Korean government + Fallon tweets about #BTSxCitiField

BTS will be awarded a special honor from the Korean government!

In August, it was announced that BTS is one of the 12 nominees for an Order of Cultural Merit this year.

On October 8, the recipients were determined at a cabinet meeting.

Blue House spokesperson Kim Ui Gyeom revealed, “It was decided that the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit will be presented to the seven members of BTS who have further spread hallyu (Korean wave) and contributed to the development of popular culture and arts.”

Prime Minister Lee Nak Yeon commented, “With many of the youth in foreign countries collectively singing lyrics in our language, not only have they spread hallyu, but they are also contributing to the spread of the Korean language.”

BTS is the first idol group to receive an Order of Cultural Merit, and the members are also the youngest ever recipients.

Veteran actor Lee Soon Jae will also receive the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit this year.

Sources: Segye Ilbo via Soompi, @jimmyfallon, @BTS_twt
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