10:00 am - 10/08/2018

Loco feat. Colde - "It Takes Time" M/V

Source: 1theK
imahurricane 8th-Oct-2018 03:46 pm (UTC)
loved it! only knew of colde from this collab and i looooove his voice! gotta check out his music!

btw any of you using apple music? several kpop/khiphop/kr&b songs in my library are greyed out and some of the new songs aren't available on apple music. anyone knows why? i'm thinking to switch to spotify because of this.
b1gay4 8th-Oct-2018 05:26 pm (UTC)
apple music seems to lose streaming rights (?) to some music at random, and it's not for sure if or when they get to stream them again. I think it has to do with the distributer and label the artists were under at the time of those album releases. Your best bet is to find a download link for the songs in those genres you want, because I had a good portion of dynamic duo's early releases saved, and a few weeks ago they were all gone. Even from the essentials playlist. They're not on spotify either, though. So your best option really is to download the more "obscure" and older records from somewhere else, and save them to iTunes so they'll still be available on your phone and other apple devices. You can't do that with spotify.
imahurricane 9th-Oct-2018 09:26 am (UTC)
yeah i guess that's the way to work around the issue. it seems pointless for me to pay for apple music monthly subscription where the music i wanna listen to isn't available and i have to download it from other sources then upload it on itunes. a lot of hassle. weird thing is that the songs are available to buy on itunes store but not on apple music.
b1gay4 8th-Oct-2018 05:27 pm (UTC)
I usually detest loco music, but I really love colde's voice. This is a good song.
shintotchi 8th-Oct-2018 08:41 pm (UTC)
I'm a relatively new Loco fan, so I'm glad this comeback was solid. Loved the mv. I'm wondering if all the guys were his friends helping him forget a break up, or "friends" who contributed to his breakup. It's interesting to interpret it either way.
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