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Actor Jo Jae Jyun Hit With Another Allegation Of Sexual Assault Against Minor

Another woman has come forward saying she was sexually assaulted by actor Jo Jae Hyun when she was a minor. The woman (hereafter referred to as “A”) has already filed a lawsuit against the actor.

According to sources on October 8, A filed a lawsuit for damages in the amount of 300 million won (approximately $264,000) against Jo Jae Hyun this past July, claiming she was sexually assaulted in 2004 when she was 17 years old.

She said, “When I was 17 (international age), someone I knew who was a manager of celebrities said that he was close to Jo Jae Hyun and that he could let us meet. Wanting to meet a celebrity, my high school friends and I went without any suspicions. We went to a karaoke and drinking establishment, and one of the people who came with Jo Jae Hyun suddenly ordered alcohol.

“At the time, Jo Jae Hyun gave me so much alcohol that I got very drunk and was physically unsteady. He said to me that I should go upstairs to get some sleep and sober up. I was so drunk I didn’t have a full grasp on the situation, nor did I suspect anything. And then I was sexually assaulted in a hotel room.”

The woman added that though she protested when Jo Jae Hyun started to remove her clothes, he didn’t stop: “I was drunk, but I vividly remember the pain of that day.”

Jo Jae Hyun’s legal representatives responded, saying, “If you just see what it says [in the legal complaint], it could be serious, but it’s not the truth. This matter has already been resolved with a recommendation for reconciliation after being forwarded to a mediation committee. The judge told [A] to drop the lawsuit, but [the plaintiff] is not listening and continuing to object.”

Jo Jae Hyun was first accused of sexual assault by actress Choi Yul earlier this year in February. Shortly afterward, the actor released an apology, resigned from professorship at Kyungsung University, and withdrew from the drama “Cross.”

The actor was hit with two further sexual assault allegations, one from a former actress who gave an interview with SBS. Jo Jae Hyun staunchly denied both actresses’ claims and protested coverage of the situation by the investigative journalism program “PD Notebook,” which he stated was problematic and biased.

Source: @soompi, TVreport via soompi
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