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Goo Hara and Choi Jong Bum's Case To Be Investigated By Newly Formed Police Team

An exclusive team has been formed to investigate the case between Goo Hara and her ex-boyfriend Choi Jong Bum.

On October 8, the Gangnam Police Station revealed that in addition to the Criminal Affairs Division, which was investigating the assault case, police from the Women’s and Juvenile Affairs Division, the Sophisticated Crime Investigation Unit, and the Cybercrime Investigation Unit have been added to form an exclusive team for the case.

A representative commented, “With the addition of the sex tape issue to the original incident, an exclusive team was launched in order to investigate based on thorough confirmation of the truth and with consideration of gender sensitivity.”

The police has received the video from Goo Hara and also collected Choi Jong Bum’s cell phone and USBs from his home and car with a search warrant. The data has been submitted to the Cybercrime Investigation Unit for a digital forensic examination.

The police representative added, “Choi has not been summoned for reinvestigation yet. According to policy, he will be summoned again soon for investigation.

“If necessary for the investigation, there is the possibility of Goo and Choi being cross-interrogated after additional agreement,” the representative continued.

Source: @soompi, Yonhap News via soompi

So name and pics of him are out...
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