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Grazy Grace talks about UPRS3 & her time as a girl group trainee

UPRS3 video summary:

  • The show was one of "the busiest, most stressful, yet most fun" times of her life

  • Jeon Jiyoon (UPRS2) recommended her to join the show

  • Everything was super secretive (contestants couldn't speak to each other except when filming; nothing about contestants, music, challenges, eliminations, etc. was revealed in advance)

  • Grace says NOTHING was scripted, including Giant Pink's win (which was chosen by audience voting) and the results/editing were fair

  • Disses were just for the sake of the show, most contestants didn't seem to take the disses seriously (except Ash.B)

  • Still talks to some of the girls regularly. She wants to collab with Yuk Jidam but they haven't talked since before Jidam's scandal

Girl group trainee video summary:

  • Recruited for her English fluency; was a bad singer/dancer at first but became main vocal through effort

  • Trained for two years in a group that fluctuated from 7~11 members

  • At one point she lived in a dorm with 9/10 other girls, with only 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom

  • Most of the members were friendly but two of them were mean to her and spread rumors about her; they later left the company

  • Company's co-president was verbally abusive to the members and staff; he eventually left

  • The 11-member group was split into two teams (the "pretty" girls and the "ugly" girls; Grace was in Team B and only Team A ended up debuting)

  • The company's building and the dormitory "disappeared", leaving Grace living in a cockroach-invested apartment provided by the manager

  • Eventually all the members of Team B, as well as the staff, left the company

Commenters speculate that the girl group was Laboum since you can see their company's logo at 1:46 before the censor pops up, and Grace mentions a successful girl group from the company which could be Brown Eyed Girls.

Source: YouTube: GRAZY GRACE
Tags: laboum, rumour, unpretty rapstar

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