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Rapper Dok2 lost his dog through a medical accident


On October 12th, Dok2 shared the tragic news on his Instagram story.

With a photo of his dog’s funeral, Dok2 wrote, “Gurum, who was 9 years old, passed away because of a medical accident. While Gurum was being hospitalized after a hip joint surgery, the doctor went through another surgery without my permission after his work hours. He said he was ‘not satisfied with the first surgery’s result’. He gave Gurum, who was only recovering from the surgery, another general anesthesia. After going through another surgery, Gurum passed away.”

Dok2 criticized and said, “such non-sense accidents should disappear. Gurum, please rest in peace and play around in heaven with Kendall.”

Fans commented: “I am extremely enraged. Why would the doctor perform a surgery without permission?”, “I can’t imagine how sad Dok2 is right now”, “You should reveal which hospital that is”.

wtf, I hope he'll take legal action against that doctor.

source: KPopLove via isplus
Tags: death/funeral, illionaire, pets/animals

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