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Justin Chon wants to be a transvesite member of 2NE1 and Brian is his secret lover

From Disney’s “Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior” to the still box office topping “Twilight” series, Justin Chon has come a long way into Hollywood. But what does the public actually know about him? Who is he? Why are we even talking about this Chinese boy?

That is exactly why we are talking about him.

We got to sit down stand and soak in the warm California sun while getting to know this 28 year old Korean American Actor. (For those in Southern California, read until the end to find out where you can meet him and maybe get a little mistletoe action going on. Although he may be busy with Jill…)

PS: So tell us a little about yourself.
Justin: Iono, let’s talk about something interesting. I don’t feel like I’m that interesting.

PS: Just a brief introduction. I mean this interview is about you, so you must be somewhat interesting.
Justin: A brief introduction… hmmm… what you need to know to get to know me is don’t take me seriously because I’m like absolute chaos, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do. [Basically], I try not to care what people think. I am my own entity.

PS: Any interesting quirks, habits, random thoughts?
Justin:“I have a lot. Quirks… ummm… ::baby screams:: I find stuff like that amusing, little kids screaming (author’s note: not that he enjoys babies in pain but you know random stuff). My quirks, I really like to bother people. Sometimes I can be really mean but I try not to be.

PS: You mean sarcastic mean right?
Justin: Yea. I also state the obvious a lot of times. And I don’t know mang I just…whatever I do I just want it to be fun. You know what I mean. It’s gotta be fun or I don’t want to do it.

PS: I’m pretty sure it’s gotten you into a lot of situations.
Justin: Oh yeah. Many times a lot of ppl get angry at me but I try not to let what other people think effect me because at the end of the day, a 100% of the people aren’t going to like you. That’s a fact. It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as I do what I want to do then it’s all good. Because even with acting, I would say that a majority of the people told me not to do it. They’re like “you got a business degree why would you go into acting blah blah blah”. And it’s like if you give a crap about what everyone else says you won’t get anything done. And that’s the thing about my life I kind of did just what I want to do and so far it’s worked out pretty good.

PS: What do you see yourself doing in 10, 20, even 30 years then?
Justin: I have no idea. I live day by day. What’s the point of planning thirty years from now when it’s just you have no idea. I can die tomorrow.

PS: That’s interesting, usually people who are in business have 10 year plans.
Justin: Well yea I do stuff to help that out but seriously these days I’m just… you don’t know when it’s going to end. I had a friend who recently passed away last week (RIP) and just made me realize dude nothing really matters as long as your having fun in the moment and making enough to feed yourself and help out your family. That’s good enough. It can be taken away literally anytime. People who take themselves too seriously that turns me off sometimes, not always, if they’re passionate about something it doesn’t but some people who just can’t take a joke, it turns me off.

PS: You said you love music and that you can play various instruments, do you see yourself in the music industry?
Justin: No, I like playing music but I don’t want to pursue it as a profession and that’s the thing a lot of people think because I’m in this movie or that and people know me they have to listen to me. Maybe I might record something and put it out there but I’m not going to try to make money off it and force it down people’s throats. But yea, I would say no I don’t think I won’t

PS: Do you see yourself doing something other than acting then?
Justin: Yea, owning a business. Just doing business. But that’s the thing man, you can’t plan, you can’t put yourself in a box, you just go with the flow. You can’t let expectations of society put yourself in a square. I’m just going to do whatever comes my way.

PS: Because of your acting, you’ve been to a lot of places. Where is your favorite?
Justin: Paris because it’s metropolitan but it’s chill and it’s private. No one bugs you and everyone’s cool and it’s very romantic. Lot sof history good food public transport is amazing. (Proceeds to sing “I love paris in the spring time, I love paris in the fall. I lov paris in the winter when It drizzles. I love paris in the summer when it sizzles. I love paris every moment…”)

PS: With “Eclipse” finally done shooting, are you working on any new projects?
Justin: Yea, I’m doing a movie around May called “Fortune Hunters”. It’s a little indie that’s going to be shot in Seattle. The director is Tom Harp and it’s going to be great.
And I’m actually executive producing this show with a friend, Ben Jackendoff, called “All You Can Eat”.

PS: Can we know a tentative date of release?
Justin: We just shot it actually. The first pilot should be done within 2 months. It’s kind of a passion project me and my friend Ben are doing. Hopefully we can sell it and turn it into a network show or something but we’ll keep you updated when it’s done.

PS: You said you were interested in the Asian entertainment industry and you even almost went on “Strong Heart” with Brian Joo, what kind of role are you specifically interested in?
Justin: I like to be an actor because that’s what I am. I like to do a great movie with a great director or a great drama with a great writer. That’s what I want to do. I wouldn’t mind working in South Korea. Just depends on what the project is. Why not expand my horizons.

PS: If you had to join a music group, what group would you join?
Justin: I would join 2NE1 because I think they have a lot of style and they really have a lot of stage presence and are original. They just tear it up. So I would be the transvestite member of the group. I would be the side comedy gig. They’ll be all serious and I’ll be doing whatever in the back.

PS: Favorite 2NE1 song?
Justin: Fire.

PS: Favorite Korean actor?
Justin: Yoo Ji Tae b/c that’s my Korean name but I’m Chon Ji Tae not Yoo Ji Tae. I like Lee Byeong Hun (who he has met). I like Choi Min Shik, I like a lot of the dark actors. I like the older actors not so much the older ones?

PS: What recent Korean movie do you like?
Justin: “Thirst”… I liked that a lot. Oh I love Song Gang Ho. And I really want to watch “Mother” I heard it’s good. I like Wonbin.

PS: Who’s your favorite solo artist?
Justin: CL. I like her style. I think she’s great and I guess Brian Joo f He’s my homie, I gotta give him a shout. His new CD, “Manifold” is out from Sony records, make sure you buy it. He’s my favorite solo artist Brian Joo.

PS: Not someone like Lee Hyori?
Justin: No, Brian Joo, “Manifold” Sony records out now. ::Smile::

PS: How was Piff? Did you get to see everyone you wanted to see?
Justin: It was good. I got to see Brian.

PS: Is Brian your secret lover?
Justin: Iono, you should ask him. But I do like him I think he’s cool. But yea.. I got to see Brian.

PS: Anyone else you were excited to see?
Justin: I saw Dorothy from Arirang, she’s the “Mama Bear”.

PS: What was most memorable about PIFF?
Justin: Just the way it’s pronounced “PIFF”

PS: And to wrap up, here’s some holiday questions. Favorite carol?
Justin: No… oh I like that one that goes Pa rum pum pum pum. (aka “The Little Drummer Boy”)

PS: Favorite Christmas memory.
Justin: When I got my first generation Nintendo when I was five with “Super Mario Brothers”.

PS: What does your family do?
Justin: We just go with the flow. Tomorrow we’re eating prime rib.

PS: What have you received/what do you expect to receive tomorrow?
Justin: My friend Danny, Daniel, put DAHniel got me a XBOX 360 with a wireless controller, year subscription to XBOX live, with the messenger thing, two games… XBOX RULES. I’m realy excited to buy “Modern Warfare” and play it. And tell [everyone that although] everyones on PS3, I’m just throwback like that.

PS: Anyone you want to be caught under the mistletoe with?
Justin: My left hand. (proceeds to kiss it) her name is jill.

PS: Does your right hand have a name too?
Justin: Will.

PS: Won’t Will be jealous your kissing Jill?
Justin: No, Jill is very independent she’s got a mind of her own.

PS: What do you think of Christmas in general?
Justin: I’m sort of like scrooge. I think it’s great b/c you see your family and get together but I don’t like how your forced to buy presents for people. I just like buying presents for people just b/c out of the goodness of my heart. But Christmas forces you to buy presents for people and I don’t like being forced to do anything.

PS: In this industry, aren’t you forced to do things you don’t want to do?
Justin: NO. Of course I’m forced to but I just do it my way. It’s confidential because I don’t want to get in trouble?

PS: Have you ever received “saebae” (New year’s) money?
Justin: I never got saebae money in my life and that’s only from my grandparents in Korea.

PS: Wouldn’t you be expected to give money if you go to Korea though because of your age?
Justin: Yea, I would give money to them but in return they have to do me some favors. I would give them money and they would have to give me orange juice from the fridge and if I say I want a jjoo joo bbah they would have to go to the market and buy me a jjoo jjoo ba/jazz bar/screw bar. Here’s 1500 won you can have the manwon but you have to get me a jjo jjoo bar you punk. You Filthy animal! Where’d I get this quote from? “Get out of here your filthy animal! That’s one of my favorite movies ever… “Get out of here you filthy animal?" (Note: remember he’s sarcastically mean)

PS: What are you looking forward to in 2010?
Justin: Just living everyday but I’m doing that right now so I just look forward to living to the max everyday.

PS: Any closing remarks?
Justin: Wait till we do the video interview. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Oh and tell everyone to meet me at Yogurtland [in Irvine on Jeffery and Walnut] on Christmas Day at 7pm after I eat my prime rib! Meet me at Yogurtland at 7 o’clock tomorrow.

Source: Popseoul

Idk about you but I lol'd for life reading this.
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