7:00 pm - 10/14/2018

Hyolyn @ Inha University Festival

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cxxl 14th-Oct-2018 06:42 pm (UTC)
1. Hyolyn has performed a lot this year. Knowing that festivals and the like tend to be more lucrative than music shows, and she has a big name herself...she has to be making some nice bank at least to keep Bridge’s lights on.
2. At this point I only follow like one major Hyolyn fansite and the usual fancammers. Hyolyn stays at somebody’s festival.
3. She sung “Dally” live! I think we will probably only get that a few more times (at the concert most likely). I wish she would stop paying “To Do List” dust, but “I Choose To Love You” and “Hello, Goodbye” are bigger songs for her so of course she will choose them.
4. These fancammers need to start offering their services to these companies.
5. I’m hoping she releases something else musically (a new EP, SIS) before her concert. I think she said she would somewhere but I don’t have confirmation so...And merch (why hasn’t K pop gotten into the enamel pin and the like craze)! I am honestly willing to pay for stuff from Hyolyn, outrageous shipping and all.
xlovexlessxtyx 15th-Oct-2018 12:09 am (UTC)
Seconding your comment about Kpop somehow missing the Pin/Patch craze right now. I’m thinking group logos, lightstick emblems, singles, member names, song/EP/Album designs. They’re misisng out on some really obvious bank.

that being said. I need a SEESEA & BAE t-shirt like yesterday. I’m hoping she finds her way around the North-American festival circuit. Lord knows there’s enough of them.

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cxxl 15th-Oct-2018 02:17 am (UTC)
Right! People collect those pins and charms and buttons for the fun of it, plus they are items that have more functional uses. Like people WANT them. Also who wouldn’t want a pin design of their fave in chibi form?
I’m hopin 2019 sees her doing more stuff in the US. Minzy is doing her dance break tour, and Jessi (whom she is close with) had toured a little in the US so I hope that inspires Hyolyn. If anything do joint tours to offset cost.
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