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Eddy Kim talks about new album

"Ranking No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and being dubbed Korea's Michael Jackson are what I've dreamed of since I was 14," an aspiring singer-songwriter Eddy Kim told reporters at a press event to promote his third mini album "Miles Apart" in Seoul, Thursday. "Those dreams are still valid."

Making a comeback after a three-year-and-nine-month hiatus, Kim's new album fronted by the single "Trace" is themed around a breakup, and the lyrics are about a man's struggle to move past the prolonged absence of his lover. The 28-year-old singer took a major role in the writing of each of the tracks on the album.

"It took me a while to make a new album because I tend to self-edit a lot. Every time I come up with a song, I'm like 'This won't do, that isn't good enough.' So the songs won't stock up," Kim said. "But I finally completed a list of songs earlier this year, and this album has become my favorite collection of songs I've ever written."

Kim noted that the new album portrays different aspects and types of love. "On previous albums, I mostly talked about the excitement of love, but this record is about the yearning and reminiscence after love. I think I've become more realistic," he said.

The album starts with "Last," which is similar to Kim's biggest hit "The Manual." "Trace" is a title track and it tells the story of a man's sorrow after a breakup. It's a song that anyone can relate to as the lyrics say "You should have taken all your traces with you the day you left me."

In "Shape of the Love" inspired by the movie "Closer," the singer-songwriter claims that love may not be heart-shaped.

"Something Special" is a groovy song with acoustic vibes that's perfect for when you're driving. And "If I Have a Superpower" is another fun track Kim wrote while imagining what he'd do if he had this. "If I have a super power/ maybe I could be a member of Avengers/ (but) without you it's nothing," the lyrics say. "If I have a superpower, I'd just live an ordinary life to the fullest," Kim said.

The last track "Miles Apart" is Kim's personal breakup song written in English. The lyrics tell a story of him having to leave his former girlfriend in Boston because he feels like "there's just no way it's going to work" having to come back to Korea and enlist in the army.

"People tell me that I should keep making songs like 'The Manual,' but I'm bad at self-replicating," Kim explained why he broadened his musical spectrum. "The music I listen to changes over time and that naturally is reflected in the music I make."

Meanwhile, Kim signed once again to Mystic Entertainment before making his comeback. Regarding this, he said "I renewed my contract because the content (of the contract) was good and I didn't want to leave the team I've worked with for the last five years."

source: The Korea Times
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