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LOONA has surpassed 50K physical sales of debut album '++'

LOONA's company Blockberry Creative stated on October 15th that LOONA's debut album '+ +' has surpassed 50,000 sales (T/N: refers to Gaon sales, which were at 47k by the end of September. Hanteo sales are around 25k) and additional albums will be manufactured.

This is the highest amount of sales for any girl group that debuted in 2018. The group also impressed by selling out 3,000 seats to their debut concert at Olympic Park in Seoul.

At their debut showcase, the group expressed their desire to become known as a Monster Rookie and to win Rookie of the Year.

LOONA has been gaining attention both domestically and internationally with their 2-year-long project with the theme "every month meet a new girl", releasing solo albums for each member as well as 3 units.

Additionally, LOONA's high-energy title track "Hi High" has reached 17 million views. This along with their sales have qualified them to be considered a Monster Rookie, and fans are anticipating what other achievements the group will make.

Source: naver via tastetherainbeau
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