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An account from a potential investor who visited Cube Entertainment recently

1. Profitability Improvement

2. Changes In Company´s System + Planning Skills

3. Lai Kuan Lin´s and Yoo Seonho´s Debut

Source: theqoo via @Meltagon_10 1 2 3, daebakkpop

Very interesting read with quite frank answers and numbers! CUBE's Youtube revenue from 2017 was over 4 Mio USD. Streaming income is divided 60% agency (~ 44% for CUBE, 10% royalties, 6% performers) and 40% music site services. BTOB have increased income distribution after renewal. CEO Shin is in charge of management while President Hong is still in charge of production aspect and has the final say on title tracks. CUBE plans to debut a boygroup with Kuan Lin and Seonho next year.
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