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IU's contract renewal conditions revealed: All staff will stay and get a raise

On Oct. 10th, the YouTube channel “K STAR Live Star News” introduced a series of IU-related facts. This channel revealed that IU said to her current company, “If you want to renew the contract, I want to take all the staff, who I consider as family members, with me” and asked the company to give them all a raise.

“They appreciate her request for their salary raise, but we think it must have been very touching to them as she expressed that she trusts them and wants to go with them to the end,” the channel added, “That’s why the staff call IU their ‘president’.”

This is not the only interesting fact about IU. IU is reportedly still using the guitar she received from a brand named K at the beginning of her debut. She not only gave her manager a luxury foreign car as a gift when he got married but has also donated money to alma mater and welfare foundations.

Meanwhile, IU renewed her contract with KakaoM (formerly Loen Entertainment) on July 18th.

Source: Dispatch via kbizoom, mnews.joins
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