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“YG Future Strategy Office” Under Fire For Scenes Of Racism And Sexual Harrassment

Netflix sitcom “YG Future Strategy Office” is being criticized for scenes that employ racism and sexual harassment for humor.

On October 11, Chinese entertainment news outlet Sina reported that the sitcom incorrectly uses a map of China and has scenes that belittle the country. Angered by this, Chinese fans have been voicing their opinions on Yang Hyun Suk’s Instagram account.

Moreover, during one scene, the southeast coast of China was erased from the map, while in another, a Korean security guard dressed in traditional Qing Dynasty clothing shouts “I’m a pig” in Chinese after being captured.

After the reports, many expressed anger on Weibo, criticized YG Entertainment and “YG Future Strategy Office,” and demanded an apology from Yang Hyun Suk.

Yang Hyun Suk responded and posted an apology to Chinese fans on his Instagram, saying, “We sincerely apologize to Chinese fans. We have told production staff to correct and delete the scenes in question. We will be more careful in the future.”

The above scenes, however, are not the only problematic scenes in question. Many viewers have pointed out that the sitcom has crossed the line, especially with mocking other celebrities and sexual harassment.

Some examples include a man taking off his clothes when asking BLACKPINK for an autograph, random graffiti that says, “Eun Ji Won XXX,” and Seungri gifting WINNER underwear with his face on it.

One scene includes a visit to iKON’s dorm, where a female employee mistakes a man sleeping on the couch as an iKON member and takes a picture of his crotch. When Seungri confronts her, she replies, “I took a picture of it because it looks healthy. Isn’t YG’s future very healthy?”

In another scene, a drunk foreign investor says to a rookie model from YG, “Let’s do a body cam (naked video chat).” When the model refuses, Seungri urges him to do it, saying, “She’s someone in a high position.” YG employees even grab him when he tries to run away and forcefully remove his clothes.

The sitcom also repeatedly shows the photo of Seungri from his past scandal. This photo was published by a Japanese outlet after a woman claimed to have spent a night with him and took this photo without his knowledge while he was asleep. Although this harmed his image in the past and he was a victim at the time, the sitcom shows the photo many times and mocks the situation by saying, “He looks like a baby angel while sleeping.”

“YG Future Strategy Office” continuously makes many “self-disses” and brings up many controversies surrounding its artists. In order to make a clean YG Entertainment, the agency administers urine and anal examinations, checks artists’ belongings, and takes away any non-prescribed medicine, only adding to the controversy.

Source: XSports News|MailKyongjae|OhMyNews via soompi, fromyg

This thing really blew up in China...
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