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apink eunji's 3rd mini album 'hyehwa' info & teasers + cute eunji/IU moments from her concert

APink Eunji will make her solo comeback on October 17th with the track 'How is it? (어떤가요)' from her 3rd mini album 'Hyehwa.'

Eunji is credited on all tracks, working with various producers/artists including Plan A producers Beom&Nang as well as indie artists Sunwoo Junga and So Soobin.

warning: media heavy

album info


song teasers + descriptions

teaser photos

sold out concerts + japan dates

cute IU/eunji interactions

bonus: new microphone

this is in addition to the apink microphone she has:

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I've been so busy with work that I was gonna wait to do a full teaser post but there's just so much stuff.

jieunji are so cute, you guys!

it's another healing album so maybe not for everyone but I'm looking forward to it.
I'm so glad she was able to have a hand in all the tracks. she seems really proud of the album.

she performed the title track and a few other songs from the new album at her concerts.
she was telling all the fans to record the songs so plan a had to issue a statement after the show telling everyone not to upload any videos hahaha

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