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Shawols upset after The Rose uses photos taken from Jonghyun's IG for their new MV

The indie rock-band "The Rose" recently released a music video for their new song "She's In The Rain".
Natalie Morin writes that the song is a "beautiful serenade for lonely hearts" that "reminds listeners that they are never truly alone".
However, Shawols worldwide noticed that in a scene in the music video the polariod pictures that are hung from the room are actually pictures taken from Jonghyun's instagram.

Twitter user view_0525 shows in a tweet that (at least) a total of 12 of Jonghyun's pictures were used.


Shawols around the world are now trending the hashtag #더로즈_해명해 (The Rose, explain) in hopes of getting an explanation of why Jonghyun's pictures were used and if they have been allowed to use them. The hashtag is now trending in Korea.

Scene at 1.15

Source: Earmilk, Stone Music Entertainment, view_0525

OP comment: I saw comments about this a while ago and it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth to use his pictures in a music video for a song about feeling lonely? And if it had been some kind of honoring wouldn't they have announced it?
sjtaazrz 15th-Oct-2018 02:04 pm (UTC)
I'm not super into the Rose, so it's interesting to me to see people upset about it. The first time I heard about this was on tumblr and people were applauding the reference.

I can see why shawols are upset though. I think it's subtle enough to be a nice tribute, but it does seem like they're referencing Jonghyun's depression and passing for themselves.
goshipgurl 15th-Oct-2018 02:41 pm (UTC)
i hope they have permission to use the pictures, cause otherwise this is... nagl
aviv 15th-Oct-2018 02:55 pm (UTC)
this is nagl cos they are his IG pictures, like... it's not like they used lines from his novel or sth. but his private photos.
daceymormont 15th-Oct-2018 03:15 pm (UTC)
who even thought this would be appropriate...
vintage_boom 15th-Oct-2018 04:21 pm (UTC)
This is an art direction decision, which is why it wasn't announced the band most likely didn't know the meaning of it when on set. It's one photo printed within the context of a scene not prominently features in the edit or used as a plot point.

I think sometimes fans forget that there are more than just musicians who were impacted by his passing and should also be allowed to process it through their work in their own ways. There's only a handful of Art Directors that work on kpop MVs and most likely the people who worked on this also worked with Jonghyun/Shinee on one of their MVs. It's not only the other SM groups, Shinee members, most dedicated fans and family that were impacted. idt fans should be hyper concerned with who can and can't publicly share a bit of their grief over his passing, especially while ignoring the context of how it's done.

if the art dept was wanting to put a piece of him in their work this would be a song to do it with, in particular with how open he was about his own loneliness in his music. idt an IG pic should have been used mostly because he can't consent to the use (tho his family might have) but idt the band should have to answer for it.

yejun 15th-Oct-2018 05:07 pm (UTC)
It was probably a decision not made by the group themselves and I think most people know that.

What's upsetting is the use of pictures that were happy memories for Jonghyun (For example the event his mother and sister prepared for him after his solo concert or him showing off Taemin's merch) being used in a video that is expressing loneliness. Jonghyun was not sad when taking these pictures and his life was not all about his depression. I think it's the wrong way to honour someone's memory in my opinion.
vintage_boom 15th-Oct-2018 05:25 pm (UTC)
I misinterpreted what was being seen and didn't read properly because of course I didn't. I thought it was a single printed photo within a bunch from other people pulled for the scene. all the pics being Jonghyun's changes my opinion and I don't think they should have gone that far with it.

really hope they asked permission from the family to do it.
lightframes 15th-Oct-2018 10:50 pm (UTC)
I agree.
benihime99 15th-Oct-2018 05:23 pm (UTC)
From what I understand the song is not about loneliness per se, but about supporting someone who is going through such hard times. I think that's why 'She’s in the rain' becomes 'we're in the rain'.
I'm not saying it changes anything about the situation at hand, but it's worth noting, I think?
vintage_boom 15th-Oct-2018 05:27 pm (UTC)
definitely. I also misinterpreted the context thinking it was a bunch of people's photos and his was just one of them (i know i know -___-). I appreciate the message and the intent tbh just hoping they asked the family beforehand.
byeolbyeol 15th-Oct-2018 06:37 pm (UTC)
like yejun said above: what the majority of shawols are upset about is the usage of his happy memories for this sort of song. i've been keeping tabs on the situation since it blew up a few days ago, and this is basically how it panned out:

about a week after the video was released there was an i-shawol (also a casual fan of the rose) who watched it. in their viewing they noticed that one of the photos looked familiar, took a screenshot and then realized that multiple of them were from jonghyun's insta. they tweeted about it and, at first, most shawols on twitter were happy about it. they took it as being a positive tribute, but after a few korean fluent shawols watched the video and digested the lyrics that started to ... you know, change. a few pointed out how they were exactly comfortable with it and were confused about why they had chosen to use his photos.

this led to an entire mess where shawols were fighting each other, shawols were fighting black roses, etc. the root of each fight was different, obviously, but the most common sentiment is similar to the other bit of what yejun said as well: all shawols are more then open for tributes being made to jonghyun, but there's a right and a wrong way to do it. they chose to incorporate personal images from happy moments that he shared from his career and life with fans as, essentially, a background prop for a music video that deals with loneliness, depression, etc. another issue a lot of shawols had: during one part of the music video there's a girl sitting around crying while holding a copy of dead poet's society. the rose did an interview where they mentioned robin williams, i guess? which made everything sit even more awkwardly with shawols. it's, like... we all know that jonghyun's depression was a part of who he was and shawols rarely try to gloss over that fact, but it wasn't all he was and we don't want him becoming a poster child for depression (and suicide) when that isn't... the only thing about him.

at first, only i-fans really knew but it picked up traction with k-shawols earlier today, clearly. i've been reading through the hashtag and it seems that most aren't trying to attack the rose. they're just wanting an answer as to why they chose to use the images, and whether or not they got permission / blessing from his family to do so. what really sucks about that aspect of it is that ... it's not illegal to use public images, and they used them in a way that cuts through many other loopholes. (ie: every image that they chose didn't show his face.) i don't blame the band personally. i think that it was probably a set designer or the director who made the decision but, sadly, the rose are going to be the ones who have to face the negative outcome of that decision publicly. i also don't want to assume things, but: i feel like if they actually would've gotten permission from his family that it could've been used as an opportunity for positive media on both sides. they could've reported that the video was meant to be tribute to him, and even used it as a chance to promote shiny foundation. but... none of that went down, lol.

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vintage_boom 15th-Oct-2018 07:11 pm (UTC)
this adds so much context missing and definitely changes my opinion on the whole situation and frames the whole MV differently. If the band had mentioned a nod to Robin Williams, it leads me to believe that they probably knew Jonghyun would be shown in some way in the video. whether they knew they'd be pulling photos or not, at that point, doesn't matter to me.

it's reckless to nod to people who have been on record about depression, and succumbed to it, and not then also offer tools and support to viewers. not partnering with some sort of initiative or charitable org or providing resource numbers in the description really says to me it was more about using those people's situations to push the emotional impact of the song with no desire to actually support the people they're talking about in their own song.

with going about it the right way though personally I don't think there should be a problem using happy memories because he isn't just his lows, BUT with no word from production or the band to clarify if the family approved them that's a logic leap they currently aren't deserving of.

ty for taking the time to explain it more! I appreciate it.
byeolbyeol 15th-Oct-2018 08:20 pm (UTC)
oh yeah! no worries. a lot of context about it has been left out as it's blown up.

but i agree. the fact that both robin was mentioned in context to the song in an interview and dps was seen in the mv is kind of telling to me. there was obviously a point trying to be made, and that would've been fine if there were more steps taken to ensure that no misunderstandings would be had. it's a really delicate subject, and really triggering to a lot of people plus shawols are ... pretty adamant about making sure that jonghyun is disrespectful and all that jazz. but yeah. i also agree about the emotional impact thing - which is sucky because the song itself has a good meaning otherwise, but i know this has tarnished it for a lot of people already.
byeolbyeol 15th-Oct-2018 06:45 pm (UTC)
i rambled above, but when you look at the images that they use it makes three things pretty clear to me: whoever made the decision knew what they were doing (considering they didn't use images that showed his face which cuts around a lot of legal loopholes, i think), they went through his entire feed, and they didn't really pay much mind to what images they were choosing.

like. some of them are so random? there's one of a bunch of gummy bears he stuck together during base promotions, and another where he just... uploaded a random scenery photo. but then there's a few that are super personal, like a shot that he took of a celebratory set up his mom and sister put up for him after one of his concerts, and images from when he attended taemin and taeyeon's concerts last year.

idk. the entire thing is uncomf and, honestly, tacky to me.

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sra_interesante 15th-Oct-2018 11:49 pm (UTC)
i wonder if they assumed nobody would notice because looks like they selected oldest pics froom his instagram on porpoise

either way this looks tacky ....
its been not even a year since he stopped using that account 🤦🤦🤦
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