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former apink member yookyung performs with f(x)'s luna + mini apink reunion

Former Apink member Yookyung and F(x)'s Luna performed at an event celebrating the 100th anniversary of Chungha University. Apink were also in attendance as performers.

4 walls dance cover + duet

apink + yookyung reunited

they also met up with yookyung a few months ago (yookyung is the forehead haha)

카나에루@youtube 1 2, meungrongrong@twitter 1 2artist_eunji@insta1

luna and yookyung are good friends who met at chungha university so it's v cool to see them both perform at the festival

there's no photos of yookyung and apink as usual but they have been more obvious about their interactions this year which is really nice.
a few apink fansites go to yookyung's events so chorong has liked some yookyung fantakens + hayoung and bomi are also following her on instagram.

Tags: apink, ex-group members, luna

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