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New Idol Group with Former Girl’s Day Member to Debut

On October 5, the entertainment agency VINE officially revealed the individual posters of S#aFLA, hinting the imminent debut of the 4-member girl group.

The released posters feature the four members of S#aFLA, namely Yoojin, Seulgi, Soohyun, and Jisun. Even before the debut, the group is drawing attention with their abilities in both singing and performing.

The group name S#aFLA means “sharps and flats,” which stand for the black keys of a keyboard. “In Korean music, the five keys make the most Korean sound,” the agency explains. “But in the broader spectrum of music, they make the sound more sophisticated. The group name speaks for our wish for the group to communicate with the bigger world via Korean music.”

S#aFLA’s debut album will be unveiled on October 18.

That's an interesting group name. Jisun debuted with Girl's Day back in 2010 and left the group after 2 months.

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily
Tags: debut, ex-group members, nugu

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