4:04 pm - 10/16/2018

The Rose's Agency Apologises For Using Jonghyun's IG Photos

The Rose’s agency J & STAR Company has apologized for the band’s recent music video “She’s in the Rain,” which contains images that were posted on the Instagram of SHINee’s Jonghyun.

On October 16, the agency began, “We are speaking regarding The Rose’s new music video. We judged that it would be best to give a response after accurately checking on the part using the late Jonghyun’s Instagram photos in the new music video, so we first ask for your understanding on the time taken in the process of checking.

The statement explains, “We, J & STAR, worked on this new music video with production company Beat Logic. We find that a problem like this occurred while discussing the story and different understandings of the song in the process of the music video production before the filming.

The agency revealed the official description of the song, which reads, “‘She’s in the Rain’ is a song that expresses comfort to those who are tired because of the loneliness and difficulties of life.” Beat Logic received this description of the song and included the photos on set in commemoration of Jonghyun.

We, J & STAR, and our artist The Rose went into filming without recognizing this, and this occurred as we did not know about it even until the day of the music video release. J & STAR and Beat Logic both have the same stance that this was not carried out with ulterior motives of using pain of a specific individual for business or marketing purposes,” the agency continues.

The agency concludes by writing, “Regardless of the reason, J & STAR expresses deep apologies to his family and agency SM Entertainment, and we also express sincere apologies to fans who cherish The Rose and the many fans who cherish the late Jonghyun. The agency and production company are deeply sorry for not having carried out a more careful and detailed process. We once again express sincere apologies to everyone who must have been hurt by this. J & STAR has read the opinions of many people on this situation through several outlets, and we will do our best to prevent any further problems and not cause any more pain.

The music video has since been removed from YouTube.

Article: The Rose under controversy for using late Jonghyun's SNS pictures without permission... "We meant it as a sign of remembrance and consolation"

1. [+229, -8] Shouldn't they have gotten full permission before broaching a sensitive problem like this? Well, congratulations on your successful noise marketing. Imagine how upset Jonghyun's fans and his family must feel right now.

2. [+200, -6] Please don't pain his family and fans again

3. [+191, -7] A bunch of flashy excuses for what basically is use without permission ㅋㅋㅋ shameless

4. [+10, -0] Please don't mess with the deceased

5. [+9, -0] They have balls... they dared to mess with SM

6. [+7, -0] I'm so, so, so angry that Jonghyun's name is being used in the media like this. So beyond angry, I'm boiling... I can't help but think this whole thing is noise marketing.

7. [+5, -0] How can you use Jonghyun for your own noise marketing??? You're less than trash. Please get a mental health check because I don't think you're sane.

8. [+5, -0] Do you really want to market yourselves in such a dirty way..

9. [+4, -0] How can you sleep at night knowing that you're making money off of the sadness of others?

10. [+4, -0] 100% noise marketing

Source: TheRose0803 via Soompi, No Cut News via Netizenbuzz

Does anyone have an idea if Beat Logic has worked with SHINee/Jonghyun before? I find it weird that they'd go for Jjong's pictures otherwise...Also no comment on if they were granted permission to use the pictures beforehand? At least the MV is taken down...
tsubaki874 16th-Oct-2018 07:30 pm (UTC)

This is all a big yikes and I feel bad for the band because they probably didn't realize or assumed the company had permission. The statement says the company didn't know either but something tells me they wanted a scandal..

krissasaur 16th-Oct-2018 11:05 pm (UTC)
that is what i am thinking now cause now everyone knows them.
byeolbyeol 16th-Oct-2018 07:48 pm (UTC)
to answer your question: beat logic hasn't ever worked with shinee before. the vibe that i got from the translation of his apology is that he may be a rookie director? but i'm not sure.

anyway. this was a complete mess. i don't blame the members of the rose, but neither beat logic or j&star dealt with this well. j&star's apology was ... lacking. all it did was piss off k-shawols more (and even some of the rose's korean fans were asking for better clarification apparently). beat logic's "apology" was even worse though. on top of admitting that he had never considered asking for permission to use the photos, he also made it pretty clear that his intention from the get go was to use jonghyun as a prop.

idk. jonghyun deserves better, but that's not anything new.
fadeintoyou 16th-Oct-2018 08:02 pm (UTC)

They need to get a new production company then because even the most amateur of amateur business person knows you can use someone else stuff without permission

miss_suunshinee 16th-Oct-2018 08:08 pm (UTC)
now its pretty clear this song or mv wasnt an homage or tribute to jonghyun ...
so using specifically his pictures seems pointless and a terrible idea to begin with

i wonder too why they avoid talking about copyright issues and just suddenly deleted the mv without any other explanation

there's a bunch of translations from mv director twitter going around, tbh not sure if those are real or not
either way dont make mv director look good

Edited at 2018-10-16 08:11 pm (UTC)
byeolbyeol 16th-Oct-2018 08:22 pm (UTC)
i saw that last part too and i was like "????" it's baffling, but honestly, if it hadn't been for multifandom shawols noticing it probably never would've been noticed by k-shawols. maybe eventually but not so soon.
sra_interesante 16th-Oct-2018 11:43 pm (UTC)
so ... at least production team behind this mv knew what was going on

they just assumed nobody would notice/care because the rose are still nugus
cosmicdaze 16th-Oct-2018 08:22 pm (UTC)
i'm going through another phase where it's hard for me to deal with jonghyun's death and to see him just being blatantly disrespected like this is a fucking sucker punch to my gut

i just wish that if people aren't going to remember him respectfully and incorporate him or his work/life tastefully then they would just not even think of him at all. i'm so tired.
kenziekinz09 16th-Oct-2018 09:09 pm (UTC)
ursulavosyem 17th-Oct-2018 08:16 pm (UTC)
I'm in the same place too rn. I don't know what pics they used but regardless, that's just not right.
fiercediva 18th-Oct-2018 06:05 am (UTC)
They used pictures of happy moments in his life which is why shawols were especially upset that they were hijacked for a song about depression: the congratulatory sign Jonghyun's mother and sister posted in their home after he came home from his first solo concert, one of his birthday cakes from SM, a picture of his wrist wearing Taemin's Budokan concert merchandise wristband - things like that.
volume1995 16th-Oct-2018 08:47 pm (UTC)
wish people would stop using jonghyun for any type of clout
he deserves so much better
krissasaur 16th-Oct-2018 11:03 pm (UTC)
This is such bullshit. I didn't really care last post but you released the fucking video don't act so fucking innocent you should know what the fuck is going on. How dare you try and blame someone else for your dumb ass. wtf.

Edited at 2018-10-16 11:03 pm (UTC)
adlyeith 16th-Oct-2018 11:34 pm (UTC)
This is super gross, and really disrespectful on so many levels wtf
sra_interesante 16th-Oct-2018 11:48 pm (UTC)
i cant believe they use jonghyun name like this, everyone in sm and shinee members are still so cautious about everything related to him .... but here you see others using his sns so carelessly
lightframes 17th-Oct-2018 02:43 am (UTC)
He's a person, not an idea or concept
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