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monsta x's TAKE.1: tracklist

the twitter user who used to do full track list / producer breakdowns isn't active on it anymore, so i'll be trying my hand at that in the comments! track 5, “널하다 (NEOL HADA)”—the wonho, minhyuk, & kihyun unit song performed at their concerts—is on the album and there's a ton of people mx has worked with on here, not a ton of new faces. wooki produced i.m's mixtape, “fly with me”, last year and it's his first time being one of their album producers... lol, more l8r

TAKE.1 comeback navigation:
📸 inside photos: minhyuk & kihyun / shownu & wonho & jooheon / hyungwon & i.m / group
🏚 pre-photos: #1 / #2
📹 video teases: special film
🎛 miscellaneous: coming soon / schedule / tracklist

Tags: #1, #2, #monsta_x, #monstax, #몬스타엑스, monsta x, teaser

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