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Mnet launches new show about guessing celebrities' daily choices

On October 17, Mnet announced the launching of “I’m Not the Person You Used to Know” (literal translation). The program is a quiz show that invites a celebrity’s closest associates to guess the celebrity’s choices in their daily lives.

There will be VCR clips that show the celebrity in situations, where they have to make a certain decision. The video will stop before revealing the decision the celebrity has made, leaving it up to the associates to guess.

The associates, who may be the celebrity’s friends, significant others, managers, parents, or siblings, will will use their own ideas of the celebrity’s personality that they observed in their own positions to guess the decision of the celebrity.

By doing so, the program hopes to discover a new side of the celebrity that even their closest associates didn’t know. Furthermore, this will be an opportunity to prove if the associates know the celebrity as well as they think.

Meanwhile, “I’m Not the Person You Used to Know” will premiere at the end of November, via Mnet.

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily
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