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Kiha & The Faces is officially disbanding after 10 years

At midnight on October 18th, the band’s members including Jang Kiha, Lee Min-ki, Jeong Joong-yeop, Lee Jong-min, Yohei Hasagawa, and Jeon Il-jun announced their disbandment through social media. The band announced, “our upcoming 5th album will actually be our last album”.

‘Kiha & The Faces’ debuted back in 2008 with the song ‘Cheap Coffee’, and they have decided to disband after 10 years.

In the news post on social media, they wrote: “after we release our album soon, we will continue meeting you all until the end of this year through concerts and other events. And then, starting from the first day of 2019, our members will go their ways separately. This album will be our best album so far. In other words, it means that ‘Kiha & The Faces’ has done everything we could until now. We, all six members, have decided to end our journey while looking the best.”

After their debut in 2008, ‘Kiha & The Faces’ has been recognized with experimental music that is unique retro music. Their 5th album will be released next month.

source: KPopLove via isplus
Tags: disbandment, rock music

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