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SHA SHA's Wanlin (who fainted during comeback showcase) has hypokalemia

On October 16, girl group SHA SHA’s agency Major Entertainment released an official update on member Wanlin’s health. They explained that she has hypokalemia (when potassium levels in the blood are too low) and that she is currently in China to be able to recuperate better.

This is SHA SHA’s agency Major Entertainment.
We would like to give an update on member Wanlin’s health for the fans who have been loving and supporting SHA SHA.
Wanlin was diagnosed by a doctor to be suffering from hypokalemia due to a dysfunction in her kidneys. She has returned to her family and is currently resting.

Wanlin will be committing herself to further medical examinations and treatment in China and we will continue on supporting her so that she will come back to us healthy and sound.
We ask for a lot of interest and support in the future for SHA SHA and for Wanlin who will be returning to the group after her recovery.
Thank you.”

Source: @soompi, naver via soompi
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