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Chinese TVXQ fans warn SM Entertainment on newspaper ad

I guess Japanese TVXQ fans aren't the only ones striving to put their feelings in print on Korean papers - Baidu BAR, a TVXQ fan group on Baidu, purchased an advertisement that was printed on Gyunghyang, daily Korean newspaper on December 26, TVXQ's sixth anniversary.

On the advertisement, the members of Baidu BAR left a message to SM Entertainment:

You are trying to cut the dreams that [TVXQ] has been creating for the past six years, and are hurting the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people who felt joy because of them.

Stop your actions that are hurting the five members. Let them sing freely without any constraints.

The storm will wither soon. We will protect them forever so that they are not harmed. We will forever wait.

We are always standing by TVXQ
- China's TVXQ Baidu BAR -

Baidu BAR was also helped by Korean fans, who helped distribute this advertisement to various media and press outlets. "Because this is TVXQ's sixth anniversary, Chinese Casseiopeians wanted to deliver an advertisement that expresses our current feelings across the sea," one of the participants explained, then adding, "Right now, SM Entertainment is constantly hurting TVXQ. However, all of the TVXQ fans will unite to form a solid knot in order to help TVXQ keep their dreams."

In the advocates' press release, the fans stated, "We will wait until the day that TVXQ can sing without burden when the rain stops and the sky is clear ... Until [SM Entertainment] stops harassing TVXQ, we are committed to protect them."

On a brighter note, TVXQ appeared as five on Asahi TV's Music Station Super Live on Christmas day and is scheduled to attend the Japan Record Awards on the 30th and NHK's Kohaku Uta Gassen on the 31st.

Despite the lawsuit controversy that has been going on for half a year now, we would like to wish TVXQ a happy sixth anniversary and hope 2010 brings an optimistic resolution to these issues. Stay tuned to allkpop for more and remember to visit the OneTVXQ Forums.

edit, a better translation
thanks doublejae
'TVXQ Baidu bar's Official Statement Regarding the Ad'
The Chinese knot represents unity and solidarity.
After the knot is made, it is hard to disconnect the string no matter how sharp the scissors are.
To commemorate the group's sixth anniversary, TVXQ's Chinese fans decided to release an ad that showed our current feelings
to Korean medium across the sea.
Although the agency is constantly hurting TVXQ,
Although the people we love are under great stress,
all of their fans will create a unified and solid knot
and protect TVXQ and their dreams,
We will wait until they are able to sing without burden under a clear sky
when the rain stops pouring.
Until SM stops hurting TVXQ, we will not stop either.

Source: [DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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oh and they left out this part which goes on top:
[What the scissors are aiming for is the already entangled bond between us and the five members.]

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