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KPop's cutest art enthusiast V of BTS buys art from 65-y.o. artist while in Dallas, TX

During the group's stop at Dallas, TX, where they were set to perform two sold-out shows at Fort Worth Convention Center, BTS stopped by at Kettle Art Gallery on a rainy evening, where gallery owner Frank Campagna was overseeing the second evening of the Masstige exhibit, featuring works by North Texas artists Jamie Walters, Minji Kang Watrous, Todd Gutmann, and Marc Dominus.

Campagna remarked, “I was with one of the artists, and we both realized that they had security with them. And one of the guys was being followed by a camera crew. I thought ‘Hmm … I wonder who this is?’ They weren’t speaking English, so, I asked the bodyguard and he was like, ‘Oh that’s BTS.’ I thought, ‘Oh cool. I saw them on the news the other day.'”

What would end up being a cool story for Campagna would be an even cooler story for artist Marc Dominusthis would be the first time he ever sold a piece of art to a complete stranger. Marc Dominus describes himself as a “young 65-year-old.” He lives in a house in Little Forest Hills and recently installed a small painting studio in his backyard, and this was the first time his work had been displayed in a professional capacity.

V bought two of his paintings, 24 x 36 acrylic on canvas, for $450 a piece.

“One of the guys said: ‘V would like to know if he could have a picture taken with you.’ At this point, I still didn’t know who he was. Obviously, it was somebody but I didn’t know who. Suddenly, a camera appeared. A camera-camera.”

The show closed on October 7, but Marc reflects fondly on that rainy Friday evening. “That night, not only did I sell a painting to a complete stranger, I sold two paintings to a complete stranger. An extraordinarily famous stranger.”

The artist went on to express his appreciation on twitter, and gave the cutest detail of what transpired that night when a fan asked him about his experience.

Source: D Magazine, @Marcdominus1, @agirlinthepark

This is ridiculously cute. Mayhaps I shed a tear or ten T-T.
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