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The East Light's agency releases official statement, Unnamed Member 'B' to hold press conference

Warning: the two articles below don't feature any description of the violence but still be aware that they are related to the reports of abuse.

Media Line Entertainment has released an official statement following reports of abuse inflicted on the members of The East Light.

On October 18, it was reported by news outlet Xportsnews that the members of The East Light had been verbally abused by the agency’s CEO Kim Chang Hwan and physically abused by producer “A” since 2015. At the time, Media Line Entertainment had been reached for comment and stated that they were looking into the matter.

Now, they have released an official statement regarding the issue and the actions that have been taken since. Their statement reads as follows, “Hello. This is The East Light’s agency Media Line Entertainment. First, we want to apologize for the regretful situation that has occurred.

“It was approximately one year and four months ago that we first became aware of The East Light’s executive producer’s acts of physical abuse towards the group during their training and lessons. Afterwards, we spoke with the members’ parents to resolve the situation, and we promised that such acts would never occur again.

“There have been no such incidents since then, and The East Light has been actively promoting. However, the emotional rift between some of the members and the producer has deepened, which we believe has led to the current situation. The producer in question has taken full responsibility for his wrongful actions and has handed in his resignation, which we have accepted.

“Regarding the reports made earlier today of CEO Kim Chang Hwan, he has affectionately watched over the members from when they were very young trainees for the past four years, and though he has disciplined them at times like a parent would, he has never instigated or abetted any acts of violence. However, he feels pain at the knowledge that he was not as attentive as he should have been towards the members.

“We will work hard to find the best solution for the affected members and for The East Light’s future activities. Once again, we express our deepest apologies.”

The East Light will be holding a press conference to open up about the recent reports of abuse.

On October 18, it was reported by Xportsnews that members of The East Light had suffered from verbal abuse from Media Line Entertainment CEO Kim Chang Hwan and physical abuse by producer “A” since 2015.

The agency later released an official statement addressing the issue. According to the statement, the agency became aware of the physical abuse by the producer in 2017, and the situation was resolved with a promise to never let it happen again. They also stated that the producer in question had handed in his resignation to take full responsibility of his actions, and they denied that CEO Kim Chang Hwan had “instigated or abetted any acts of violence.”

A legal representative of The East Light has since released an official statement announcing that a press conference will be held on October 19 to address the initial reports of abuse from both the producer and the agency’s CEO. The lawyer stated, “Member ‘B’ [from The East Light] will personally attend the press conference to give his own testimony about the abuse. He will also provide relevant evidence and answer questions from the press.”

balloon_wanted on twitter has been providing additional information about the situation.

on a more personal note, i am absolutely horrified. i have been following them since their debut, and just... they are all so young.

sources: first article: @soompi, naver via soompi
second article: @soompi, naver via soompi
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