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📚 [The Reader for You] with GOT7 Jinyoung (episode 3 & 4)

Book of the week: The Power Of Being Alone

from the yt decription:
"Realizing one is only an existence that live for a limited time, one starts to deeply contemplate about one's existence"

4:08~ "If I don’t have any schedule, to be honest, I have lots of my own time.
Others advise not to spend too much time alone,
Every time I heard those people worry about me, I tthe midst of a lot of thinking about these things,
I read contemplated if I have a problem.
But through this book, I felt that spending my time alone is not a meaningless or negative, but it is a meaningful time by itself."

Book of the week: On My 29th Birthday, I Decided To Die One Year Later

from the yt decription:
“More than success, the most important thing is to have a standard for oneself
then you could finally free yourself from others’ judgements and live your own life”

Sources: jyppictures 1 2 / gif

Previously in [The Reader for You] series:

📖 On My 29th Birthday, I Decided To Die One Year Later & The Power Of Being Alone
📚 Haku and Chihiro
📚 My Sweet Orange Tree

Well these two episodes certainly put me in my thoughts.

Omona, do you enjoy solitude?
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