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HANTEO Apologizes For Worker Manipulating Chart Sales

14 Months after an they were told that sales of Korean albums from China weren't being counted HANTEO finally posts an apology and explanation about what happened. No word on if the sales are now showing up in totals or not. Currently the only known group affected is Exo.

Today we would like to apologise to all domestic and international customers for the events that occurred on August 17 (2017). The reason this apology was delayed is because we were distressed and we did not know how to express our apologies. Behalf of hanteo chart, we would like to formally apologise.

Firstly, hanteo chart does not favour certain shops or musicians. We treat all of them equally. This time it was due to the mistake of our employees. This outcome was caused by the deficiency of us and our employees. Now we would like to sincerely apologise. Hanteo chart will follow the company’s regulations and punish the staff accordingly.

Secondly, albums bought domestically will be calculated and shown online on hanteo chart’s website along with international sales. The most controversial is when Chinese and European fans and all other international fans bought together. If it had sold through the normal channel there would be no problem.

Thirdly, hanteo chart has a fair statistical and ranking service. This current situation requires more effort. And we will continuously work hard.

Again, we would like to represent hanteo chart’s employees and express our sincere apologies.

+ During the release of The War and Power of Music, Chinese fans were told by an employee that their group buy sales wouldn't count towards charts.
+ The sales of both the Korean versions and the Chinese versions were then left off final totals
+ Chinese Exo-L asked for an official explination why this was happening as this wasn't one or two individuals bulk buying hundreds of copies but individuals pooling their money together to save on shipping
+ Hanteo said they'd offer one a year ago
+ This was posted today, with no additional clarification if the sales were counted at all
+ originally the explanation was only shared in Korean. After push back asking for a chinese version, the above was posted. Korean Version here

sources: Hanteo Official twitter | Reddit r/kpop u/theyumi

you'd think they'd make it explicitly clear in every language possible and easily accessible where fans should buy albums if they want to group buys to stop. when one single person can compromise the entire integrity of the charts...that's not good.
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