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FAVE Entertainment announces launch of new girl group

On October 18, FAVE Entertainment reported, “we have officially begun preparing to launch a new girl group “FAVE Girls,” aiming for a debut in early 2019. We will be starting the debut countdown project soon.”

In relation to the debut, FAVE Entertainment will release information on 7 members of “Fave Girls” starting on October 21. Afterwards, he will release various behind-the-scene footage of the girls preparing for their debut.

“FAVE Girls” is the firs idol group to debut under FAVE Entertainment. It is a subsidiary agency of Kakao M (formally known as LOEN). The group consists of all teenagers.

Previously, the agency has provided a sneak peek at their trainees through past survival programs, such as JTBC’s “MIXNINE” in 2017. Moreover, the agency established an exclusive social media channel “Fave Girls” and introduced the public to the potential members. While no details regarding the members or the debut date has been revealed, much anticipation arises among K-Pop fans.

In response, a source from FAVE Entertainment said, “we are carefully drafting a debut group with our gems with both talent and qualification. We plan to carry out special projects where the audience can take a look at the girls’ debut process with upcoming “pre-debut” preparation footage.”

At last, “FAVE Girls” will host their first pre-show ‘WE?’ on November 11 and meet with fans for the first time prior to their debut.

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily
Tags: debut, nugu

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