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EXID reported to comeback mid-November after someone loses KoMS

According to source Newspim, EXID will come back in the middle of November! Banana hasn't bothered to deny comeback news yet (which they did last time), so Leggos are pretty confident about the news.

To everyone's surprise, Dongmakgol Girl turned out to be Solji!!!! Her five consecutive wins put her in the TOP 3 female contestants with the most wins...if you add her first win from the pilot episode, she's in the TOP 2. In addition, she's the only contestant who won with two different masks and the only idol who got 5 consecutive wins. Also, EXID is the first group, where all members appeared on the show!

After her reveal, she trended!

Source: MBCEntertainment, newspim via @LeggoEnt, @exidear_sub, wtEXID, donbangfinite

Tags: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧, comebacks, exid, king of masked singer

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