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MASC To Make Comeback After Departure Of 4 Members

After the departure of several members, MASC’s remaining members Woosoo, Heejae, Ireah, and Moonbong will come back as a group with a new album after one year.

On October 23, MASC’s agency stated, “As the members were able to go through hard times and overcome it together, the members and the agency are doing their best to showcase the MASC members’ growth. Please support the four members who are beginning a new journey, and look forward to their future activities.” Along with the release of their new album within the end of the year, MASC will also be holding an overseas tour starting with Southeast Asia.

Previously, MASC’s Ace and Chibin had been involved in an alleged assault case. Following the incident, the two members and 26 decided to leave the group.

Source: @soompi, news1|SportsChoseon via soompi
Tags: comebacks, nugu

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