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Kim Hyun Joong says he's in a situation where he can't see his child (yet)

The press conference for KBS W’s upcoming drama, “When Time Stopped” took place on October 23. During the conference, Kim Hyun Joong expressed his feelings towards his child.

He said, “I’m sorry to the other actors for answering these private questions because this is a conference to promote our drama. But I will tell the truth to everyone. I’m in a situation where I cannot see my child yet. Honestly, I don’t know what’s the right thing. But I think that I have to do my best no matter where I am. For my child. This is the only thing that I can say. Anything that I say might hurt the child, so I don’t want to say anything more. Because as I said, I’m in a situation where I can’t see my child.”

Also says "I will repay you as a person".

[+4068, -147] huh huh huh huh... I don't want to see you, I still can't forget all that mess in KakaoTalk

[+3122, -59] Why do entertainers always want to repay us when they cause scandals, just stay home

[+2972, -53] It's already amazing he's coming back, even more amazing he found a broadcast station

[+1384, -44] I still remember the contents of the KakaoTalk, his image is totally shattered

[+987, -51] So dirty, I can't think of anything but the KakaoTalk, "butthole attack"

[+2102, -91] It's safe to say celebrities live and eat by their image... When it comes to Kim Hyun Joong all I can think of is "pregnancy machine" and "butthole attack"

[+1142, -32] You really don't have to repay me

[+859, -9] The broadcaster who welcome back this kid is also amazing...

[+764, -21] What repayment? Seeing you is such a nuisance, the only pay back is getting out of my sight

[+572, -24] I wish I didn't have to see such people in tv and dramas, there are other people who act well and are not criminals

[+2847, -72] Even if you're a fan, you shouldn't shield drink driving. and that past character of his "pregnancy machine" "why are you so easily pregnant" there's no answer to these texts... You shouldn't judge a person by their face, look at him and Park Yoochun

[+1794, -64] From assault to affairs to leaving his son behind to drink and drive... What a triple crown

[+1702, -21] What's repaying is there when you're making money? What a comedian

[+943, -25] To be considered a person you need to act like a person otherwise you're just trash... repeat offender, repeat assault, drink driving... KBS do you get the subscription fee to pay for trash like this

[+421, -18] This drama network...

[+227, -4] Giving this guy another love call, is this PD crazy?

[+1663, -144] So the person who called his pregnant girlfriend a "pregnancy machine' wants to come back to be loved again, disgusting

[+671, -61] Gross "butthole attack" that was disgusting

[+641, -82] So people who beat women can come back on broadcast?

[+545, -36] Explain how you're repaying us when you're the one making money?

[+540, -42] Pregnancy machine, butthole attack... What is there more to say

Source: Sports Choseon via @netizentown, netizentown, Sports Choseon via soompi

I live for Sports Choseon using this pic for every article they do about him.
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