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Hyeyeon leaves gugudan, will remain under Jellyfish

Dear Danjjaks,

Hi, this is Hyeyeon.

It has been some time, I'm sorry for being late [with an update]. As my company has already shared the news, I will no longer be a member of gugudan, but I will join and be a Danjjak who will always continue to support gugudan. After a long decision, while on my hiatus contemplating, while I was focusing on both my studies and health.

Thanks to Danjjak, I have been able to focus in my academics, and I am also recovering well. I am grateful for all the memories I have been able to create with Danjjak. I was able to share precious moments with Danjjak by my side, who got to see me grow/gain experience~ This will be a time of my life I will never forget and always cherish~! I will never forget and always remember all the times spent with Danjjak, which are the most precious to me!

I will continue to focus on both my health and academics, and will be completing my activities with gugudan. I hope to give a proper goodbye.

Please continue to cheer on all the eonnies of gugudan, as they continue to show a more beautiful side of them. I too will support gugudan as a Danjjak. I hope to meet you all soon.

Thank you Danjjak, I love you.

Sincerely, Hyeyeon

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