3:57 pm - 10/25/2018

BESTie’s Kang Hye-Yeon has a new agency

On October 25, STAR ENT reported, “we recently signed an exclusive contract with Kang Hye-Yeon, who had done an amazing job as a member of girl group BESTie.” Kang Hye-Yeon first debuted as a member of BESTie in 2013. Since then, she marked her presence in the minds of the public for her cute looks and exceptional vocal skills.

STAR ENT continued, “we have always had our eyes on Kang since she started promoting as a member of BESTie. We believe that she has talents to thrive in various fields other than singing. In order for her to distinguish herself in others areas, we will provide our fullest support in any way we can.”

Meanwhile, STAR ENT is a subsidiary agency to KSTAR GROUP. The company also houses singer Seven and rapper Jang Moon-Bok.

I was just thinking about the group the other day, I was wondering what happened to them. Also, I thought that Seven set up his own agency when he left YG?

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily
pikapika217 25th-Oct-2018 10:59 pm (UTC)
that's fantastic for her! I hope the other girls are doing well/can get signed soon too
senshicalico 26th-Oct-2018 02:36 am (UTC)
sometimes i wonder what the ex-EXID members think of how things went, lol. I also often wonder why they left.
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